Backdoor? No, It’s Frontdoor

National Alliance a ‘Frontdoor’ government.

I was called to share a quote written by the author of the article that I shared on my page ‘page’. Adding the opinion of the author of the author, we can also submit the theory that the previous pakatan harapan government can also be categorized as the government of the back door.

This is because before the pru14, of the united party, amanah and dap have left their respective party logo and compete by using the pkr party logo. The reason given is, they don’t want their supporters to be confused because the ph logo will never be approved before the election. Whether pakatan harapan really submit applications to the ros to get the approval of the ph logo or not, it doesn’t matter at all due to the written in history that three party parties ignore their respective logos and compete on pkr tickets.

After winning in the pru14, of competing candidates have already returned to their respective parties. Is this not tatik the back door to win a competition? Not even. In my opinion the actions of these ph candidates are based on the law and regardless of any party, the end of ydp agong thinks that pm-7-may get the trust of the majority of the people’s hall to be pm, which is in English – “likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the house”. at the same time with yab pm-8 when ydp agung thinks that he also got the trust of the majority of the people’s hall to be pm.

The last one is only 18 may will determine whether pm-8 has the trust of the majority of the people’s hall to be pm. Until that let us not underestimate the opinion of ydp agong and the executive power given by his majesty according to the federal constitution of Malaysia.

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