Help SME, Help You

Let’s talk about Tabung Harapan today.

When PH took over the government, I remember very well senior minister of PH said that government has no money hence they setup a fund called Tabung Harapan for the rakyat to donate to help the government at that time to settle the country debt.

Do you know how many SME and private indivdiual donated to this Tabung Harapan when the government called? Many even a 10 years boy donated his life savings and businesses donated in the range of RM100k to RM few millions.

Today news came out from a minister that government had did its best and cannot please everyone. Aren’t this minister is from Bersatu the same former component party of PH who asked the people to donate to Tabung Harapan. How the monies used is now history.

The point is many businesses especially SMEs were willing to sacrifice for the country when they are called to duty.

Why aren’t the government can’t help to think to help the SMEs when it needed the government most? Are we so poor that we can’t even follow the foot step of UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore where these governments even pay up to 75% of the employee salary and instructed bank to give unsecured lendings.

I am dissappointed truly to see minister can make such a remark. I wonder what happen to the RM 2 trillion savings the country has…

Suara SME tu suara rakyat juga, suara tu suara keramat. Dengar jangan tak dengar..

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