What Will The Prime Minister Do Now With Disobedient Civil Servant?

If Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yasin is given an opportunity to prove to the people that he is truly impartial and fair to the people he has to take immediate action against the irresponsible action of a state exco and deputy minister. No amount of social distancing during a meal can be accepted because we are ordered not to assemble and stay at home.

For someone to discharge his duty as an elected and appointed officer that is ‘wajib’ but for someone to go beyond that, indulging in a congregation meal and celebrating birthday in a party of people, that the ‘rakyat’ cannot accept it.

The state exco and deputy minister should know this better. Even though he has been invited for such party but he could have politely decline it because it is his duty to do so and mandated under MCO.

So will the leadership of Perikatan Nasional let this slides and incur the anger of the people? It is now time for the Prime Minister and the leadership to take a strong stance against such behaviour. In developed country the most honourable thing to do is if not termination one office should be suspended until investigation is completed.

The ball is in your court Mr. Prime Minister.

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