Civil Servant Need To Take Pay Cut To Help Save The Economy

Kudos to the minister and deputy minister for taking a pay cut to assist the country in a weaken economy. Question why is the government civil service amounting to 1.6mil people is not taking a pay cut to help the government in alleviating its finances to help the poor?

Many employee in the private sectors have taken a pay cut up to 50% and many key management employee have also not taken their pay since MCO. With various moratorium in place and even stimulus package that is helping the B40 that includes many civil servant that earns RM4000 and below, it is time government look into this matter. Not that they do not deserve it but millions of employees especially the SME sector that earns RM3000 and below have already taken between 30-50% pay cut and when moratorium is in place there aren’t many commitment to pay even by the civil servant unless loan for government housing scheme, Public Sector Home Financing Board and personal loan from Angkasa that is directly deducted from the income. Thus anyone that earns above RM3000 should take a pay cut except for frontliners civil servant.

Thus, it is high time government look into this seriously because it is logically to assume that goverment will not have the income from the tax payer to continue its payroll obligation. When businesses gross turn over (GTO) revenue decline, naturally government income will also decline. We had seen decline in SST, excise tax, import tax, stamp duty, corporate tax and many others tax.

Thus the Malaysia Government need to reign in prudent fiscal management and manage the government debt, hence this step is a must and natural.

Simply put it, We don’t have a choice, we all must do it and share the burden together or the economy will die.

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