Now that Perikatan Nasional (PN) is still the government of the day after YDP Agong agreed to PM8 request that he will bring the motion of confidence of himself to the house in the upcoming September sitting, these are the things that need to be urgently addressed on top of the the usual daily endless politicking that the people are so tired off.

  1. As the emergency has still not been revoked and needs 6 months to expire, PN can use an additional RM 1 billion from the estimate RM 12.5 billion KWAN fund (after RM 5billion was used up by PN for vaccines) to distribute to the people directly as cash relief. Why? Because PM8 still decides to lock people up in their own homes even though the rakyat needs money to survive to buy essential foods and pay for essential bills.
  2. RM1 billion in funds can be used to help the people to face a total lock down of the most stringent 7-14 days the same as MCO 1.0 for states with high cases and high infectivity rates.
  3. We must impose for 7 days or 14 days first. If it does not work yet, add 7 days while waiting for the vaccines to be effective. Since we had already been locked down for 2.5 months until I lost count of the days and date of the month.
  4. We need a very strict MCO mirroring MCO 1.0 because the virus doesn’t move. The people are on the move and we have to stop all human movements to the maximum for a temporary period.
  5. So that new cases doesn’t rise to 24,000 a day as predicted by DG, and thousands of more lives are saved, the hospital system does not continue to be paralyzed and the economy can reopen earlier. This will help so that the number of active cases of 190,000 people today does not increase further and will decrease rapidly.
  6. Once successful, we can reopen all sectors earlier than October or December as planned under Pelan Pemulihan Negara.
  7. Apart from helping the people, the RM1 billion KWAN money given to the people will also boost the local economy. Remember BRIM or BSH? It is the same…
  8. Since KWAN has cash reserves, the government can use another RM1 billion and loan it to the people. The Malaysia Government can guarantee it to the bank since the money is not from the bank. Give unconditional loans of RM3k to RM5k to every citizen in the B40 (or B50) and M40 (or M20) groups (records as in LHDN) within 3 days for a proposed i-Survive scheme especially to those who do not have EPF savings ie, entrepreneur.
  9. Automatic graduation. It doesn’t matter if they have a CTOS record or are bankrupt because they also need to eat and survive or else more people will resort to taking their own lives.
  10. The loan is repaid in full by the state and central governments over the next 3 years through a COVID-19 recovery tax. Borrowers do not have to pay.
  11. COVID-19 recovery tax including durian runtuh tax is a temporary tax on luxury sectors such as luxury cars and real estate as well as high-income tycoons with a period of 3 years to recover the country’s finances. Since Pakatan Harapan abolished GST and later admitted that the GST is good, any government of the day (after Sept 2021) needs a new tax regime. But I cannot agree to introducing GST back into the system so fast again because the country economy needs to recover from the devastation caused by the pandemic.
  12. Since there is no motion in parliament to raise the debt limit again from 60% to 65% and we have to wait till September and the emergency law can still pakai then using KWAN money is still the best way. After all RM5 billion was used for vaccination procurement and related cost during the EO was in effect, and still in effect until the 6 months expiry.

PM8 used to say the government doesn’t have money but he later changed the narrative that the government still has enough to support the people, since KWAN money is still there, please use it to save lives! After all, this is cash reserve was built by the previous, previous BN government. In times like this, we must use the money wisely and don’t hoard it. Without money, there would be no people. Without people there would be no government.

The above plan is actually very simple and everything is under the authority of the PN government if you want to implement it.

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