Ignorance Kills

Dear Friends,

This morning numerous video was circulated through WhatsApp showing small town coffee shop was still opening and ‘pasar pagi’ was throng by numerous people.

Many thinks the disease Covid-19 will not make it to their town and thus they will not be infected, and thus live goes on as normal. However this is not true.

With the influx of people traveling back to home town despite the advise from the authority to stay at home, many of this small town can be the 3rd wave of pandemic attack just like what we witness in China, Italy and South Korea. In the smaller city, our medical expert may not have the tools and resources to support such 3rd wave if it happen!

Hence I would like to plead to all Malaysian do not be stubborn and do not challenge the authority. Stay at home! Be safe for yourself and for the community around you. There are many things you can do at home and perhaps even take cooking lesson from Youtube. There are plenty of raw food materials available in major supermarket as they will restock.

Again do not go out if not need too and stay at home.

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