Unite Against All Odds

Yesterday at 10pm, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced Restrictive Movement Order to all the 32 million Malaysian alike. The rest of it I guess many of us can read the details in online or printed newspaper to get more information.

One the things that appalled me is how did the containment went out of control? From a mere less than 50 cases to more than 532 and the number will keep on rising as more people who attended the religious events come forth to be tested? Who gave the approval for such large scale events?

There is a lot of question and why? But we should stop pointing fingers especially PH supporter. Let’s look at the chronology of event:

24 Feb 2020: PM-7 resign voluntarily

27 Feb: Religious event, “Ijtimak Tabligh” was held in Masjid Seri Petaling

29 Feb: PM-8 was appointed

9 March: Cabinet was appointed

10 March: Cabinet took oath of office

11 March: Cabinet clock in to work

11 March: First positive case link to religious event, “Ijtimak Tabligh”

and today is 16 March.

The event that led to today hundreds of positive cases was not even under the administration of PN government but PH government. Did PN government blame the previous PH government? Did PN supporter blame the previous PH government? Did we blame you for the various polices that led to what happen today?

That is why PH leaders and supporter needs to stop blaming PN government at this juncture. Both sides of the divide needs to work together to fight this pandemic and restore Malaysia back to the world on 1 April 2020.

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