There Is No Bias in Pandemic

I am writing in disgust foremost as a citizen and next as a social activist in politics.

Many of us has been reading the last few days that certain states had blocked allocation to state’s elected representative or commonly known as ADUN. Such act is irresponsible be it from a state or from the federal government.

With the pandemic Covid-19 ravaging the society and market, it does not choose color skin to infect. Therefore it is time that politician who are in power show maturity that these monies belongs to the people and should goes back to the people. Partisan politics has to stop in all forms be it during crisis or during non-crisis.

It is disgusting to hear such stories. Isn’t the signal send by voters in 2018 not good enough for these politician to digest?
A country that still plays racial and religious politics will not go far and remain in the cocoon shelf forever baring any form of civil development within its society.

Thomas Jefferson penned in 1776 during the beginning of the American Revolution that eventually freed all slaves that, “All men are created equal”.

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